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Fred Shaffer is a New Jersey Notary and a Certified Signing Agent.  He is a graduate of Temple University.  A Former Retail Corporate Executive of Major Discount Store Chains,  He is also a small business manufacturer in the textile industry.  He has also closed more than 250 Loans.

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The NNA has been serving America's Notaries for nearly half a century. Whether it be information about securing a Notary commission, training programs, state-of-the-art products, economical bonds and insurance, or updates on technology in the fight against fraud and identity theft, the NNA is your authoritative and dependable source for everything Notary.

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The American Society of Notaries is the first national non-profit association for notaries public in the United States. Established in 1965, the American Society of Notaries is foremost in education, support and supply for the notary in America.

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The Signing Registry is a membership organization providing unique TRAINING, EDUCATION, and SUPPORT to Signing Agents in the field of mortgage loan signing documentation.

United States Notary Association

The United  States Notary Association  strives to provide quality education , products and services to notary publics nationwide.

The National Association of Signing Agents

Membership organization for Notaries Public that specialize in loan document signings.

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The World Wide Web Chamber of Commerce - was established in 1997 as the Internet's true Chamber of Commerce.