New Jersey Notary Service presents.....NJ Signing Agent Services

Signing Agent Services

After successfully completing thousands of loan packages we have earned the right to refer to ourselves as the most experienced Signing Agents in New Jersey. All of our signing agents, in addition to being trained notaries; have completed advanced training and have multiple certifications. From logging the initial scheduling request to return shipment, attention to detail will be evident when you open the package. Not only do “We get the Sigs” – we get the initials too, all of them. 

We know the business of closing the deal. We don’t want a “trip fee” or anything less than total success, a happy borrower and a delighted settlement agent. Edoc? Of course. We have DSL for high-speed download, Letter and Legal paper, and clear, clean stamps and embossers.

Rush Service is the nature of our business. 10, 11, even 11:30PM closings are not a problem. We go where and when the borrower desires. After a few thousand packages we have the know how to smooth out the rough spots to create signing success. Some parts of the formula are the basics of: confirming with the borrower; checking for a HUD, confirming they have photocopies of their ID, etc. We are familiar with the Patriot Act requirements and sign off willingly after giving the ID a close inspection.
We are not a Signing Service. We are an association of notaries pooling talents and resources to work on a cooperative rather than competitive basis. We actively seek the “high end” of the business, where our advanced training and expertise are needed most as in the larger than usual mortgage. One of our notaries has a degree in Psychology; he goes to the “delicate” domestic situations. Others are expert traffic navigators (with motorcycle or car) and have the knack of getting around a congested area quickly.
We always prepare the package you receive with the UTMOST care and attention to detail. Not a single flaw, absolutely perfect, not just our goal, but also our standard of delivery. That is the quality that we ALWAYS provide. You can call an untrained notary, at a low rate, or, you can call us and be assured it will be done right the first time, every time. For about the same $ you would pay the regular notary, we provide Key Client Services.
We are delighted when you call the borrowers and request a “report card” of our visit. Often the borrowers INSIST that our notary be scheduled for their next refinance. Many of our notaries work 11AM to 11PM!! 

We look forward to and thank you for your business – It is VERY much appreciated. Our goal is not “one shot” – mutual trust, respect and profit are the cornerstones of an enduring business relationship.